The Rebirth of Torall

Abandoned Fortress City
The Sub party stumble upon an abandoned city

Lyn Rainwater, Ustev The Dragonslayer, Totem Everslayer, and Lore the Mage travel down the ancient highway only to find the ruins of a fortress city. Upon investigation of the ruins they find deserted buildings with almost nothing valuable left, and a courtyard littered with the remains of Kivi.

Not being dissuaded they enter the Keep of the city and find ruins and skeletons of the previous owners. After battling rouge Kivi Swarmlings and playing with scavenging Runelings they enter the throne room of the Keep. Within they find four massive Kivi Warriors guarding the Crowned Skeleton on the throne. After attempting to reason with the rouge warriors they decide the only way to obtain the crown was to destroy the rouges, so they did.

To the Citadel

Tonight we found two of the adventures, Totem and Ustev, split off and were joined by a new face, Lore, and headed south eager to rediscover the fabled citadel of High Magic. They traveled for a week through an ogre infested forest and faced off with a pungent Troll before finding their way through they paused for a day to search the rubble of an ancient hut.
Once out of the forest they found themselves on the remains of an ancient highway headed Southbound.


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